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Thursday, February 2, 2017

How To Be Unforgettable ?



Hello everyone what is up, we're back with another new post i.e "5 Ways That Will Make You Unforgettable"

Everyone likes to be unforgettable if they have a chance. Making an impression which will solidify your place in another's memory is like finding a needle from the hay, but its not impossible.For an optimistic person nothing is impossible. 
With a proper mindset and a welcoming attitude you can change the day with whomsoever you talk to. Being distinctive and otherwise exceptional are two broad, but effective ways of making one reminiscent forever.

We all are familiar with the word 'Unforgettable'. Dictionary  defines it as something that is impossible to forget. 

Nowadays we all want to be persistent. Teens of our age want to create an alluring image in the memory of girls of our age. This was the reason that made us write the post. I felt pretty bad for them, trying every possible step, without any success. So get ready to become unforgettable. 

Today I am going to present before you some of the best known ways to become unforgettable. Wait, wait, wait.......

There's a warning before proceeding 
1) No one ever became truly unforgettable when they were trying to be unforgettable. The best way for you to go about it is to let your inner eccentricities shine through.
2) It is important to keep in mind that it is far easier to leave a negative impression than a positive one. Leaving a good impression takes far more time, patience and effort, but the end result is infinitely more rewarding.

Now we're gonna tell  The 5 ways that can make you unforgettable in a person's memory-:

1) Dress to fit your personality - Dressing well is important for most of the situations. The way you dress and present yourself has a crucial on the way your are manifested in someone's memory. I recommend you to dress cool and casual in most of the situations and most importantly, that should fit your body. Nowadays I see kid of 12 years wear T-Shirts of 16 your old boys. To me they look very awkward. 

2) Assert yourself socially - The most remembered people aren't always the loudest, but they do find ways to make themselves stand out from the crowd. Even if you're naturally introverted, you can manage this by getting out of your comfort shell and taking charge of the social situations you're a part of. 

3) Accomplish something bold and significant - The people who are remembered most in this world are those who realized their passions actively in some way, whether through arts, science, politics or business. To be truly unforgettable, you have to think big. What are you really interested in? What do you want your legacy to the world to be once you have passed from this world? If, for example, your goal is to write a book someday, there is no better time than today to start. Invest your inspiration and the entirety of your excess energy into making your dream a reality.

4) Express Gratitude -  Saying 'thank you' whenever it applies to your situation is a cheap, simple way of getting in someone's god books, as it demonstrates you are genuinely appreciative of the things they have done for you. not surprisingly, that gratitude will make them that much more likely to do nice things for you in the future. 

5) Be Confident - Confidence nonetheless is one of the essential building blocks in making a good impression on someone. Learning to love yourself, and knowing why you should be loving yourself are necessary steps towards being unforgettable. If you are confident, you will naturally be a closer approximation to the real you than you would otherwise.


How To Prepare For Exams ?


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog "BSSCAFE" . 
Exams are nightmares for kids. They are very horrifying and scare both the parents and students. But these nightmares can be easily turned into dreams by the tips given in this blog.  
These exams are important steps in life. They prepare and sharpen us to face difficulties in life. 
Success in exams is determined by many factors.Motivation is the key step to success. Keep in mind that no preparation might yield positive results , if you are demotivated.  
Given below is the basic strategy to prepare for exams:
1. Keep track of the likely exam dates and mentally become comfortable with the idea of facing them, long before the dates finally arrive.

2. Keep giving yourself mock exams periodically so that it becomes a habit. When the school or college gives your Preparatory or Preliums, take them seriously, not only in terms of how many marks you can score in them, but also the time you take to complete the answers. Time management is a very integral and important part of preparing for exams.

3. Check out where you have lost marks in the preparatory exams, and why. See if your handwriting is legible and clear.

4. A simple rule that you know very well, but often forget to practice, is to space out your studies through the year, instead of waiting to cram up on the last few days. This by itself is the greatest insulation against exam tension.

5. Strictly maintain food habits. Never postpone breakfast, lunch or dinner just because you are deeply involved in studies. Take food breaks at the right time, have the right quantity of food, avoid snacking with junk food, and try to supplement with nutrients like milk, fruit juices etc.

6. If you feel the tension of the exam creeping up on you as the dates approach, keep talking to one or two trusted persons (preferably elders) about how you feel, what your symptoms are, what you fear is the worst that can happen, and how you are coping with it. Writing a diary also helps some of us.

7. As far as possible avoid tea and coffee. If you are already used to it, make sure your intake does not increase as the exams draw closer, and particularly avoid them near your sleep time.

8. As the exam date approaches, go into the mode of survey and revision rather than reading a few chapters in detail. If you find particular chapters or topics have just not got into your head, trying to mug them up at the last moment never helps. See if you can strengthen the other chapters sufficiently to compensate for the marks you will lose.

I hope you liked. Please do like and comment. 
Best of luck for exams. 
More posts coming soon.

Write A Book Or A Novel Easily In Just 10 Days !!


Who says writers have to labour away for years to produce their best works ? Anne Rice wrote "Interview with the vampire" in just five weeks and Chuck Palahniuk wrote "Fight Club" in just two weeks.
Hello everyone , I am back with my friend Ansh with another new topic i.e. "How to write a novel ?"
Write A NovelA novel is a fictional work of narrative prose. Good novels illuminate reality even as they transcend it, allowing readers to find truth and humanity in worlds that are completely fabricated. 
You know that moment when, in the middle of a brilliant novel, you drop the book and start wondering why God chose to gift this novelist with effortless talent, while you are left slogging in the trenches of writer's block and clunky sentences ? 
The writing craft is a learning curve for all of us. 
The format of the novel is as mandatory as the content of the novel so, here is an example of a well formatted novel manuscript
Credits to Scribophile

The Six Core Competencies A Novelist Needs
1. Conceptualization
2. Character
3. Theme
4. Plot Sequencing
5. Scene construction
6. Writing Voice
This section is really simple. If you are weak in any of these six core competencies you are dead in the slush pile.
So dear viewers, these are some of the basic important points that'll help you to get started with a novel. 
I hope you liked it.
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The Best Way To Cope Up With Loss Of Mother, Father, Pet.....


Hello everyone.
Welcome to my all new series of "How To......" blog.
So my first topic is "HOW TO COPE UP WITH LOSS".
Lets begin by defining What is Loss ? Actually I cannot define loss, but its definition can be found in any dictionary. Dictionaries defines loss as the experience of having something taken from you or destroyed. This is loss. 

Loss of parents, pets etc

Basically people lose interest in life because of this loss. In this post I am going to show you the best possible ways for coping with loss. I know it is really very difficult, but remember, there is always a silver lining. 

According to Elisabeth Cubler, there are five stages of loss. They are 
  • Denial
  • Bargaining
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Acceptance 

Keep in mind that coping with loss require a certain time frame that will vary depending on the person and the scale of loss, thus these 4 steps on how to cope up with loss may need to spread up for wider time period.

Now we are going to discuss the 4 steps to cope up with loss. 

Step 1

Remove Yourself

We won’t always be prepared for the moment that grief overtakes us; it can be triggered by the smallest reminders, ones we might never expect and certainly didn’t plan for. Thus, the first step to cope with loss is to remove yourself briefly from your environment. If at work, take 10 minutes and escape to your car, or any place you can rely on to be private for a few minutes. The point is to go somewhere you can be alone and cope with your loss adequately, without exciting concern in others. The grieving process is a deeply personal one, and while it doesn’t need to be endured without help (and at some times shouldn’t be), at inconvenient times this might be best.

Remove yourself within limits; despite the temptation, going AWOL (Absent without official leave) for days on end solves nothing. In fact it will only create additional problems for you.

Step 2

Feel the pain

It is important to experience the pain and grief, especially when the alternative is to block it out. There is no assurance that you will ever fully get over your loss, but even the most catastrophic losses become manageable over time, provided you confront them head-on. It is impossible for anyone to know how long this will take, but choosing to believe it will never reach this stage will only augment your grief.

Therefore, this step might involve thinking back on difficult or troubling memories you have, or trying to deal with the guilt of unfinished emotional business.

Step 3


Now that you have experienced your grief in full-force in such a raw manner, you have to find a way of getting it out with a form of outward expression that doesn’t try to understand the process or neatly encapsulate it, but that merely gets it out. To that end, find some way of exorcising some of your pain — one that works for you. Keeping a grief blog or journal might work, or calling a friend; whatever platform you choose, it should allow you to be as honest as you can.

This is no time to cut the corners of your experience by watering it down in your outward expression. Grief is smarter and more devious than most of us are prepared for; it can lurk in shadows, in places we’re afraid to go for a variety of reasons, only to bring us to our knees when we least expect it. The more willing you are to shine a light into those shadows and express what’s there, the sooner you can alleviate the pain.

Step 4
Finish with a positive thought

When it comes time to return to work or your gathering, go back on a high note — something funny or positive or endearing, something that can carry you back into the functional world and allow you to reasonably assimilate.
This is important for two reasons. First, that functional world can seem pointless, or indifferent, or even insulting to you in the face of loss, and reconciling the two may be last on your list of priorities. But it isn’t an agent of evil; it’s the world of the living, neither good nor bad, and there is likely no reason to sabotage it as the victim of your suffering.
Second, this step isn’t about keeping up appearances. Rather, those positive thoughts assist the grieving process by reminding you not of what you’ve lost, but of what you were fortunate to have had — a distinction that sounds rooted in the past, but that in reality helps you prepare for the future.

This guide to cope with loss has been prepared by compiling information from various sources, moreover I'd like to thank my friend Abhi for helping me out in this topic.


I hope you liked it. 
More posts coming soon.

How to Know The Purpose Of Life ?


Hello everyone wassup. After a long time I am back with another new post. This time it is something different. It is related to life. The mystery of life is still unknown. No one knows the correct explanation to ‘How life came on earth?’ And the most common of all is ‘How earth was formed?’ Well we won’t be discussing this today.
Let’s forget all the above questions. The question that we are going to discuss today is – “What is the purpose of life And how to find it?”
We exist on earth for some undetermined period of time. During that time we do things. Some of these are important while some are not. And those important things only give our life meaning and happiness.
There are no billboards or flashing neons telling you the purpose of your life. You have to find it yourself. But there are some signs that can help you find it easily. Very few people instinctively know what they want to do with their life.
In his latest book, The Art of Work, bestselling author and blogger, Jeff Goins offers some unconventional advice to help you abandon the status quo and kick start a life work that’s packed with passion and purpose.
Here are some strange questions that will help you to find your purpose and passion in life.


We’ve all had that experience where we get so wrapped up in something that minutes turn into hours and hours turn into “Holy crap, I forgot to have dinner.”
Supposedly, in his prime, Isaac Newton’s mother had to regularly come in and remind him to eat because he would go entire days so absorbed in his work that he would forget.
I am like that with video games. This probably isn’t a good thing. I sit and play video games instead of doing more important things like studying for an exam, or showering regularly, or speaking to other humans face-to-face.


Before you are able to be good at something and do something important, you must first suck at something and have no clue what you’re doing. That’s pretty obvious. And in order to suck at something and have no clue what you’re doing, you must embarrass yourself in some shape or form, often repeatedly. And most people try to avoid embarrassing themselves, namely because it sucks.
Now The Last One…….


Ah yes. The most important of all questions. What color of shit sandwich would you like to eat? Because here’s the sticky truth that no one (except me) tell you about life.
Everything sucks, some of the time .
Everything involves sacrifice. Everything includes some sort of cost. Nothing is pleasurable or uplifting all of the time. 
So the question becomes: what struggle or sacrifice are you willing to tolerate? Ultimately, what determines our ability to stick with something we care about is our ability to handle the rough patches and ride out the inevitable rotten days.

Now it’s time to tell you the trick to find purpose in life.
You don’t have to try and figure life out. You just have to stay in this very moment.  
Inspiring QuoteHere’s the most inspiring pic that I found while exploring the internet.


Best Way To Increase Learning Power...

How to increase learning power ?



Hello everyone wasssup Bsscafe is back with another interesting topic i.e "How to learn 10x faster ?"
Learn AnythingYou're gonna spend thousands and thousands of hours learning over the course of your life. And what's crazy is that despite that time in the classroom, learning languages, music, whatever it might be, you might be learning one of the slowest ways possible; not because your teachers did't have good intentions, but because they did not know how to teach you to optimize the learning experience. 
The good news is this, there are ways that you can apply to everything , from martial arts to business, that are going to help you help the competition. You can learn much faster than you are. So right now, think of something in your life, something that you're trying to progress in, apply these 5 tips and watch as you just go crazy , crazy fast through your learning curve.

1. Method beats hours

When it comes to learning something new, the method will always beat the number of hours you put into something. This isn’t to say that the number of hours isn’t important, but you should choose which method will give you the best results.
For example, let’s say two people were driving from Boston to New York City. It doesn’t matter how skilled or committed the first driver is. If he’s driving a beat-up pickup truck and the second driver has a Ferrari, the first driver will lose.
Your method is the vehicle that will become the engine of where you want to go. With anything you want to learn, there will be dozens of available methods to follow, and “experts” to learn from. This means that you want to spend a lot of time understanding who you’re learning from, what credibility they have, and how it fits with your learning style.

2. Apply the 80/20 rule

It is a concept developed by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto which explains that 80% of your desired outputs will come from only 20% of your inputs.
While the exact ratio varies from situation to situation, you’ll find that:
  • 20% of people in your life will lead to 80% of your happiness
  • 20% of your customers will drive 80% of your sales
  • 20% of your learning methods will lead to 80% of your results
When it comes to learning, it feels like there’s so much we don’t know, so it’s easy to jump around everywhere. This will only lead to wasted time. What you want to do is focus on the one or two things that will drive the needle for what you want to achieve and double down on them.
For example, if you’re learning Spanish to travel this summer, instead of learning how to write or read, you should learn how to speak Spanish. Or instead of trying to please a dissatisfied customer that’s only paying you $37/month, you should add 10 times more value to a customer that’s paying you $1,000/month.

3. Learn by doing

Immersion is by far the best way to learn anything. And as research shows, it turns out that humans retain:
  • 5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from a lecture.
  • 10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading.
  • 20% of what they learn from audio-visual.
  • 30% of what they learn when they see a demonstration
  • 50% of what they learn when engaged in a group discussion.
  • 75% of what they learn when they practice what they learned.
  • 90% of what they learn when they use it immediately.
Think back to how you learned to play basketball, ride a bicycle, or swim. Instead of watching tutorial videos or reading a textbook on how to do something, the way to learn faster is to get into the trenches and gain experience through making mistakes.

4. Find a coach

From business titans to professional athletes, the people performing at the highest levels all have one thing in common: they have a coach.
According to best-selling author Seth Godin, there are five reasons you might quit in anything you do:
  • You run out of time (and quit)
  • You run out of money (and quit)
  • You get scared (and quit)
  • You’re not serious about it (and quit)
  • You lose interest (and quit)
Having a coach allows you to see the blind spots that you couldn’t see before, and guide you through the tough times that inevitably come when you’re learning anything new.

5. Process over performance

Doing the work is often the hardest thing for most people. A common mistake people make when they’re learning something new is to focus on performance over process. It’s hard to see any consistent results until you’ve put in a significant amount of work upfront.
For writers, this is sitting down and writing 500 words a day — no matter how bad it may turn out. For athletes, this is waking up every morning and training — no matter how groggy and sore you feel. For language learners, it’s forcing yourself to speak the language every day — no matter how many mistakes you make or how uncomfortable you may feel.
“Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” — Woody Allen
Taking small steps may not sound sexy, but it has been the proven path to follow for anything you’ll want to achieve in your life and business. 

The credit to the above mentioned points go to -
I hope you liked it . 
Apply these steps in your life and don't forget to share your experience in the comment box.
Thank you. 
More posts coming soon.

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